Polarium Battery – 14S Series, Generation S

The 23” 2U 200Ah Battery can be used for both backup and hybrid applications, keeping your network up-and-running irrespective of energy sources used. Thanks to its embedded intelligence, the battery gives you peace of mind in the face of disruption to the power grid such as peak loads or periodic brownouts.

  • Rated Capacity 200Ah
  • Compact design W544 D725 H87 (W21.4” D28.5” H3.4”)
  • Lithium Chemistry Nickel Based
  • Rated Voltage 48 V
  • IP Class IP20
  • Circuit breaker Dual pole
  • 20 years of calendar life @ 80% SOC
  • Weight 54 Kg (116.8 lbs)
  • Certified in accordance to UL1973