SEG (400-415W) Mono 120 Half-Split All Black Tier 1 Panel

Key Features

  • Less mismatch to get more power
  • Less power loss by minimizing the shading impact
  • Competitive low light performance
  • 3 times EL test to ensure best quality
  • Ideal choice for utility and commercial scale projects
    by reduced BOS and improve ROI.
  • Outstanding reliability proven by PVEL for
    stringent environment condition :
    |Sand, acid, salt, and hail stones|

Seraphim Energy Group (SEG) redefined the high-efficiency module series by integrating 166mm silicon wafers with multi-busbar and half-cut cell technologies. SEG panel combined creative technology effectively and extremely improved the module efficiency and power output.

One Sheet: SEG (360-375) BMB Full Black HV 166

Mechanical Specifications

External Dimensions 1730 x 1134 x 35 mm
Weight 21.8 kg
Solar Cells PERC Mono (108 pcs)
Front Glass 3.2 mm AR coating tempered glass, low iron
Frame Black anodized aluminum alloy
Junction Box IP68/3 diodes
Output Cables 12 AWG PV Wire (UL) / 1200 mm
Mechanical Load Front side 5400Pa / Rear side 3600Pa